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    I can't see WMV files in After Effects CC since I installed the AE patch 12.0.1

    Bastianseb Level 1

      I downloaded yesterday the Mac update called Maverik (OS X 10.9) and also the After Effects patch 12.0.1 in order to open AE using Maverik as operative system (before downloading the AE patch was impåossible to open After Effects CC). The problem now is that I was able before to see and edit window media files in After Effects but now, when I open the project that I've been working on, After Effects shows an error "After Effects error: file xxxx.wmv cannot be imported - this wmv file is damaged or unsupported". I am pretty sure that all the wmv files are not damage as Iø'e been working on these files the last couple of months. Besides  I have imported again the same wmv files from colleagues who can see and edit these files in After Effects CC for PC.


      Would you please advice me on this? Should I download a codec or Adobe will resolve this issue with the next update for After Effects CC?


      Thanks in advance