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    How to use the space on the form which is coming when hide the elements

    Suman Chinnam



      I have an issue with the white space coming when I am making subform visible/hidden using java script based on condition.

      Let me explain the complete scenario. I have created an adobe form for printing invoice details, basically I have two pages, the second page is used to handle overflow content from first page and the requirement is that we should show totals section on last page only when we multple page invoice output. To do that I have written a script on second page for total sub form in such a way that the subform will be visible only on last page and will be not visible on any other page. But due to hiding the element I am getting white space in other pages which I dont want. I want to continue to print the items deatisl in that place to use that empty space.


      Can you guys help me to solve this.