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    Bug: Animate and LiveReload


      Edit 2: Yes, that was the problem. Unfortunately, the solution isn't easy. I am lucky, I'm running my files in an iframe so I simply detect whether the html page is within an iframe and if it is, only add the livereload script then.

      The alternative is to check for the browser agent but that is riddled with problems when EA updates.


      Question: does anyone have a good way to detect if an HTML page is open inside the EA IDE?


      Edit 1: I think I'm heading towards a solution. EA is triggering the JavaScript within the IDE, waddyaknow - you learn something new every day :-)

      This is causing the page to reload inside EA as well and it doesn't like it. Fair enough.

      I need to detect whether the page is within EA or not and avoid the JS running if it is. Working on it now.



      I'm trying to integrate LiveReload (run from Grunt) into my workflow. However, when a page is reloaded in the browser, EA falls over: the stage in the IDE goes blank white and nothing can get the stage back.


      Using Edge Animate (EA) CC version

      Windows 8



      - Add the livereload script to the bottom of the HTML page

      - Run the livereload add on in chrome

      - edit something in EA

      - browser refreshes, EA falls over.


      I suspect some sort of file load conflict. Can anyone help?


      I will resort a basic JS page reload (setTimeout("location.reload(true);",timeoutPeriod);) but would rather stay in my Yeoman workflow.





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