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    Edge Animation on ipad flashes at start

    iwantfreehandback Level 1

      Hi there,


      i have several Edge Animations embedded in a Webview which is running in an ipad app.


      the animations are triggered by a button to start (although the same error occurs using autostart...), when they start

      they show a white or a black "Flash" (depends on the given background). Is this a known issue?


      I´ve tried setting the background to transparent, but that doesn´t solve the problem.


      The animations themselves are nothing fancy, no .svg´s for example. Just moving pngs, mostly.


      Everything else runs very smooth on the ipad, except that start-flash.


      Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.


      (you can image how hard it is to do a websearch containing "Edge Animation" and "Flash" ).



      UPDATE: I forgot to mention that the Animations DONT show that behavior when tested in Safari on the Desktop-Computer.

      It only happens in the App (webview).