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    trouble with update


      the patch doesn't work! i have the cc not trial, regular payed.. please fixed soon . i can't work.

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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          Tell us in detail what you've already tried so that we can help you. We don't even know what messages you're seeing, et cetera.


          If you’re not using a trial version, but you’re seeing the message that the update is not applicable, try one of these tips to force the application to be recognized as activated: Sign out of and then back in to Creative Cloud to refresh the activation state. Also, launching the After Effects render engine (not the full After Effects application) can refresh the activation; the render engine doesn’t have the crashing problem that the full unpatched application does. Finally, if neither of these works, uninstalling and then re-installing After Effects CC (12.0) can help.

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            robbyb Level 1

            Ok now i try.. thanks.. Schermata 2013-10-24 alle 15.27.15.pngthis is what i see..

            i tryed to log in again in my account..but..nothing...now i'll try to refresh..