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    Exporting Indesign PDF Is Read Only


      Hi, When I export an indesign file to a pdf and email it to someone, they are unable to save the file. It says the file is a read-only. I have already checked the document permissions. Also, when I save the pdf to my agency's network, other employees cannot open the file. Please help me.

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Is the PDF a PDF form created in InDesign? If they are using Adobe Reader (older than Reader XI) they won't be able to save the form unless you Reader-enable it in Adobe Acrobat.


          PDFs are a final format, and that's the only reason I can off-hand think of why someone would need to SAVE your PDF file.


          As to why others can't open the PDF, there could be a number of reasons. What PDF reader are they using? How did you send the PDF file; perhaps it became corrupted.