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    Is there some way to see the history of changes made using the "Audio Gain" feature?

    X002657 Level 1

      I'm working on a project that includes footage and audio from multiple sources and cameras, and was recorded by different people. Hence, the audio is sometimes good, sometimes bad, and sometimes overmodulated.


      What I've done, (apprently not the smartest way), is to add clips to sequences, then nested sequences within larger sequences, making adhustments to Audio Gain at various stages.

      However, I've lost track of which clips and/or sequences to which I've applied Audio Gain adjustments.


      When I Right-Click and select Audio Gain for an item in a Timeline, it seems all values are now showing 0.


      It would be helpful to know if there is any way to:

      1) identify the clips and/or sequences to which I've already applied Audio Gain, and

      2) find a history of the changes for each of the clips for which I've made adjustments to Audio Gain. (Some clips may have been adjusted more than once).


      What's the wisdom among forum participants?