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    Bullets not appearing correctly post-Win 7 migration

    Evin Wilkins

      This is coming from a newbie, so please bear with me. My company is currently using RH 10. We have recently migrated to Win7 along with IE8. Our bullets are now showing up as "n".


      I suspect it's something to do with the migration and IE8 even moreso but am uncertain. I'm also uncertain what to do to fix it. I have extremely limited coding skills (CSS, etc.) so will need everything laid out in layman's terms so to speak.


      Can someone please assist?


      Thanks in advance.

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          Willam van Weelden Adobe Community Professional & MVP





          You only upgraded windows and IE, not RoboHelp, right? Or did you also recently upgrade from a previous RH version to version 10?




          I ask because bullets and numbering are an issue when  upgrading from RoboHelp 7 or earlier. Peter Grainge has a very thorough topic (and additional documents) on this issue available. Please check it out to see if this could be your problem. Please post back if you have any questions. http://www.grainge.org/pages/authoring/lists/lists.htm









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            Evin Wilkins Level 1

            Thanks William and good question. I'm new to the department, so I will check to see if RH was recently upgraded as well. I'll check out the link you posted. Thanks!


            **Update** I did actually go in and take a look at the style, as if I was about to edit it and found something interesting. The List Style was set to: No Sequence: n n n. I'm assuming that they must have upgraded to a newer version of RH, which caused this issue. Either way, I updated the style with the correct bullet symbol and it appears to have worked.


            That link you sent was great. There is A LOT of helpful information to be found on that site. Thanks again William!