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    Loading External Websites

    TonyEllisMedia Level 1

      I have a blank template that I am using that loads a series of index.html pages.

      Everything works fine except I want the home page to load first so that there is content on the screen.

      Right now it loads the navigation but only the navigation.


      Is there a script to load page first then allow to navigate through the other buttons anb be able to click on home at any time?


      This is what I have now:


                              var config = {

                                                      dataProvider: [

                                                                  {label: "Home", onClick: function(){ loadPage("page1/index.html") } },

                                                                  {label: "About", onClick: function() { loadPage("page2/index.html") }, items: [

                                                                              {label: "Tips", onClick: function() { loadPage("page3/index.html") } },


                                                                  {label: "Features", onClick: function() { loadPage("page3/index.html") }, items: [

                                                                  //        {label: "Parallax", onClick: function() { loadPage("page4/DemoPageA.html") } },      

                                                                  //        {label: "Spotlight", onClick: function() { loadPage("compositions/DemoPageB.html") } },