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    SSD, RAID6 and RAID 0


      Hello I need help with how to configure my SYSTEM with premire PRO CC


      Here is what i have


      32GB DDR3

      NVidea 590 Video Card with 2 GB onBoard RAM


      240 GB PCI-E SSD (2.0 GB R/W) this drive has my OS and a few misc programs on it. (i have 100GB space on it left)

      4TB Raid 0 on 2 2TB WD Black Drives (this is used for what ever)

      18TB SAS RAID 6 NAS (this is used for all my backup)


      So My quesion is i have installed Premire on the PCI-E SSD drive


      How should i set up my scratch disk? My video files are mostyly home video files of the family taken with cell phones, and basic video cameras ect..)


      I want the fastest smoothest rendering and processing and enconding time as possible, so do i set my scartch disk to be the C drive since it is the fastest, or do i use my RAID 0? All orginal files are stored on my Raid 6


      1) When i work on a new project should i copy those video files that i will be using to a different drive such as the RAID 0? or put them o the C Drive to make the proformance better? or just leave them on the SAS RAID 6 and work with them from there?

      2) how should i set up my scratch disk ? there are 5 settings

      •      Captured video
      •      Caputured audio
      •       Video Previews
      •       Audio Previews
      •       Project Auto Save


      any other advice you can offer performance wise that would be great, this machine is dedicated for video processing and not gaming or anything else. Thank u