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    How do I link to Anchor Text from browser to PDF file exported from InDesign?


      I see that this question was asked previously but not answered:


      I need a way to link to topics (from an HTML page) within a structured PDF file generated from InDesign, i.e. one that has an interactive bookmarks

      panel, that doesn't break the links when the file is updated.


      In particular, I don't want to refer to:


      *  page numbers because the document will repaginate when it is updated, breaking existing links


      * named destinations that are numeric as addition/deletion of topics renumbers the named destinations, breaking the links.


      Is there any option in InDesign that creates named destinations derived from bookmark titles as that would seem to solve my problem?

      I have a similar need, but I have not been able to find an answer anywhere online, even after a several hours of research.


      I am on contract with General Electric to develop a UI Style Guide for an international team of developers. My client wants to be able to distribute the Style Guide as a PDF document, but needs to provide links to specific topics when submitting a "Story" in an Agile development environment to the programmers.


      Ideally, I would like to be able to create "named destinations" in InDesign such that I can provide the client with a list of URLs similar to this format:



      However, I can not figure out how to create "named destinations" in the PDF file from the InDesign file in which I have created the Anchor Text in the Hyperlinks tab.


      Alternately, the client would be satisfied with the ability to link to specific bookmarks in the exported PDF file that have been derived from the configuration of the Table of Contents styles, but my research has led me to believe that it is not possible to hyperlink from a browser window to a bookmark in a PDF file (only to specific page numbers, search word lists, named destinations, and comments) as described here: http://blogs.adobe.com/tcs/2011/01/tcs-specific/linking-to-a-page-within-a-pdf-and-more.ht ml


      Having been using InDesign since 1988, when it was PageMaker, I would prefer to use it to provide GE with the most attractive deliverable, but they are now leaning heavily toward having me licensed with Madcap Flare, which has this capability built in:

      http://webhelp.madcapsoftware.com/flare9/Default.htm#Nav_Links/Named_Destinations/Creating _Named_Destinations.htm


      Please help me to find a solution that will allow me to continue using InDesign for this project.


      Thank you!

      Lynne O’Connor

      Technical Writer (contractor)
      GE Oil & Gas -
      Measurement & Control