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    Importing video files


      I'm working Adobe Premiere Elements 9 and I have some trouble importing video clips.


      For one project I wanted to import some .MOV files from my digital camera.

      When I imported these files and dragged them onto the timeline I only ended up with audio files (although I watched the seperate files in media player, and then they do play video and sound)

      In the media browser in Premiere element the video-files were listed as videos (when I click on 'hide video' they disappear) but the video-files don't show a still-image of that video, just an icon of a speaker is visible.


      I thought there might be some problem with the .MOV file so I converted the .MOV files to .mp4 files and tried to import these into the timeline.

      This time the .mp4 dit show a still-image of the video in the media browser, but when I tried to drag these items on the timeline a cirkel with a line through it (traffic signal) appears and I apparently can't drag these items into the timeline.


      What's  happening?? How can I fix this?

      Does it have something to do with the project settings? I tried two different settings (don't really know which 2)

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          It's rarely a good idea to convert video files. Unless you're using the precise correct settings, converting  a file can actually make it less rather than more compatible with the program.


          What model of camcorder is your video coming from and what resolution and codec does your video use?


          When you started your Premiere Elements project, which project settings did you select? You can see your current Project Settings under the Edit menu. Which are listed?


          Did you use Premiere Elements' Get Media tools to get the video from your camcorder to your computer?


          Have you ensured that you have the latest version of Quicktime, per the program's requirements?

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            Royke_115 Level 1

            I installed the latest version of Quicktime, and problem was solved!!


            Thank you very much

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              Well, that was simple. Great news!


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