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    SSDs in Raid 0 for Cache and Previews: does it make sense?


      We've been given, as a (nice) present from one client/supplier, a Samsung EVO 500 GB SSD (not the Pro series).


      My current workstation for AE and other stuff has the following disk configuration:


      250 SSD for OS & Programs

      500 SSD for cache, cache db, disk cache & previews

      2TB Seagate Barracuda for Projects & Media

      2TB Seagate Barracuda for Exports


      My question is how I would most improve my configuration with the new "addition".


      I had initially thought of putting it in RAID 0 with the cache and previews disk and getting spped of up to 900-1000 mb/s (both disks are the same model). Does it make any sense? Will I notice the improvement? any better idea?...or shall I just put it for sale on ebay and use the cash for a romantic weekend break with my girlfriend?