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    CC applications will open in Mavericks, but actual project files crash them


      Haven't seen this one exactly yet here, though I get the feeling the answer will be the same:  solution coming soon, which is actually fine.  But FYI:


      I am working on the most recent Mac Pro upgraded with two Nvidia graphics cards including a modified FX 580 with an external power supply, so not an off-the-shelf system, though it has worked up til now.


      I installed Mavericks, and the 12.0.1 AE update, and the latest CUDA software.  I don't know if I have the latest-latest Nvidia driver because when I try to install it, its installer isn't compatible with Mavericks.  But every other program is still running so I think it's operational. 


      Like the headline says, the programs open just fine, but when I try to open my film edit in Premiere Pro or any effects shots in AE, the programs crash.  AE just quits uncerimoniously; PP gives me that "sorry a serious error has occurred" window you have to click. 


      Any advice or 12.1 updates would be appreciated.