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    Rendering issue, it suddenly take 3 times the time




      I've been looking all over the forums, google, adobe community I'm not abble to find any answer.


      Here is my problem, I've been using PPro for a year now, I never had any issue concerning the render, but yesterday, I finished a wedding video (11min) and I wanted to render it to youtube HD 1080 25p so I can send the video by mail.

      Usually, 15min of video takes me 3 hours of rendering, using neat video, somtimes colorista and so on... never had any issue. BUT ... yesterday, I do my render as usual and it shows more than 4 hours to render it ... and the time is not decreasing ! So I let it on during the whole day (more than 12hours) and it wasn't at 75% ... There is definitly something wrong, but I can't put my finger on it, and it is quiet frustrating as I was supposed to deliver the video 24h ago... and I have other video to make !


      Please help me, I'm out of idea, I already deleted the AME cache, I tried different render settings, I don't understand... I linked a print screen of my CPU and RAM during the render, you will see that it isn't fully used ...


      My config :


      Intel core i7 3770

      16Gb DDR3 corsair ram

      Windows 64bits

      GPU GTX660 2Go


      the videos are on an external HDD using usb 3.0, (never had any problem before)



      Thank you and sorry for my bad english, not my mother tongue ppro.jpg