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    scrolling timeline


      I have a timeline full of symbols.

      Most of the symbols have nested buttons and symbols that responed to those buttons.

      I have the whole thing scrolling back and forth slowly.


      I want to be able to change the direction it scrolls relitive to the half of the project your mouse is hoverning over.

      I.E. hover over the right hand side and the timeline scrolls right and hover over the left hand side and it scrolls to the left.


      I can achieve this buy placing transperant symbols that cover each half of the stage and addind either play or play reverse respectively.

      But these transparent symbols block the symbols, buttons and such that i have below them.


      So then i thought i will put the transperant symbols towards the bottom of the heiracracy and as i suspected the symbols in front of the transperant buttons block them.


      is the some code i can add to the stage to achieve this?



      thanks a million