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    Flash Pro CC to CS6 fla issue - Bad library items and new library items with unicode names


      I've noticed a strange issue when opening fla files in Flash Pro CS6 that have been edited in Flash Pro CC. If there are library items in the fla with names that include symbols such as ">" or ".", unicode named symbols are created and the original symobls are unuseable. There are many symbols that cause the issue and the symbols just have to be a part of the name.


      Steps to reproduce:

      1) Create an fla file in Flash Pro CC.

      2) Add a single movieclip to the library with a symbol name of ">".

      3) Save the file.

      4) Open the file in Flash Pro CS6.



      Library contains 2 symbols, one named ">" and one named "&#062".



      There's one library symbol named ">".


      After that double clicking the symbol named ">" will do nothing and instances of the symbol will have all their content removed.


      This issue is breaking a JSFL script I wrote that loops the library items. When the script attempts to access item.layerCount the script errors out. My team is blocked from using Flash Pro CC in combination with Flash Pro CS6 because of this issue. The only good solution I can think of is to all switch to CC at the same time to avoid converting our fla files to CS6 from CC.


      Any info on a fix for this issue would be appreciated.

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          The dialog you get when you open the FLA in CS6 is that new features may not be available in CS6 so you should save it to a new file to avoid corruption. There's no "save down" from CC to CS6 (yet). So opening the file in CS6 isn't advisable in the first place.


          That said, library items are supported between them both so to your point, yes, I get the same exact behavior. A single symbol named ">" in CC produces 2 library items in CS6 named ">" and "&#062", and the original item is lost. Although I'm not sure where I'd classify this issue being you shouldn't be opening a newer version file from an older version of the application. I did also try XFL, same issue. If they decide to create a save-down to CS6 and this still exists, I'd consider it a bug.


          As for a fix, I think about the only thing that comes to mind is identify the characters causing issues and run a JSFL in CC to rename the library item temporarily to something you know will work fine. Then once back in CS6, run the JSFL opposite to convert them back to what you want. e.g. "this > that" to "this XYZ that" in CC, then "this XYZ that" to "this > that" in CS6. Shouldn't be too hard to map as long as the replacement is unique.

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