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    Dull text appears on one page, while same color text on other page appears correct

    tomcruise1981 Level 1

      I have a document that I stamped with a number of text blocks using a third party toolkit (iText). When looking at the stamps on two different pages, the corresponding stamps are appearing in different colors (though their color specifications are the same). For instance the blue "10" in the upper right hand corner of the Incorrect image below is 100% blue, 0% red and green, and the "11" in the upper right hand corner of the Correct image below is ALSO 100% blue, 0% red and green; they're just on different pages.







      I at first thought it might be the 3rd party toolkit, but when I opened it up in Acrobat X Pro and looked at the properties of the text block I saw the following:




      I can upload the PDF if it helps, I just need a place to upload it.


      Thanks for any help!