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    Trim Transparent Pixels while placing PSD




      Would like to know is there any way of trimming the PSD files when placing them on to InDesign?


      The PSD is of 4000px x 2500px whereas the actual product is only 1200x800px and when i fit the image proportionately, its calculating the transparent pixels, any suggestion on how this needs to be addressed?



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          Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          @Bala – there is an explicit UI command for that in PhotoShop: "Trim to Transparent Pixels" (I'm on a German version of PhotoShop, so I cannot tell the exact English phrase).


          Bildschirmfoto 2013-10-25 um 09.48.38.png


          Zuschneiden => Trim

          Basiert auf => Based on

          transparenten Pixeln => transparent Pixels

          Entfernen => Cut to

          [x] Above     [x] Left

          [x] Below     [x] Right


          One could script that and use BridgeTalk to launch PhotoShop out of InDesign, do the trimming, and relink to InDesign.


          You'll find some examples of BridgeTalk here around in the forum.

          For scripting PhotoShop there is a different sub-forum.


          Another solution, not recommended:

          InDesign's ability for detect edges in a placed image.

          But using PhotoShop will be far more accurate, not to say: precise…



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            I suggest to use Photoshop for resizing, resampling, editing images.

            You could create a new BridgeTalk() - apply a script as a string into its body - and send() it.

            Process a file saved by Photoshop later on.