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    Why doesn't Premiere maintain subfolders when importing media? Or am I missing something?

    ReisomNomad Level 1

      Unless I am more dense than a block of concrete, it is clear to me that Adobe has not created a very good method for importing media. I have not been able to import the media from my film without all of the clips being thrown together in one bin, completely ignoring the way that I had my clips organized prior in subfolders. I have searched and not found a way to change this, so I have come to the conclusion that this is the only way to do it.


      Or am I missing something?


      FOR THE LOVE OF GOD please fix this! When I import media into Premiere CC, I should be able to select the folder with my media, and then Premiere should MAINTAIN the sub-folders present within the main folder I import.


      For example, I just shot a film where my media manager kept the drive organized with our media as we went. Typical structure is like this: media > day (1,2,3,4,etc) > Camera (A, B, etc.) > roll (1,2,3, etc). It is organized in this fashion so that I can look at my camera reports and then know exactly where to look for a particular clip if necessary. If I know that a particular take was on B camera, roll 27 from day 3, I can go right to it.


      Since your program does NOT maintain this file structure, I have to either painstakingly recreate my entire folder structure, importing 40-50 folders one folder at a time, or I have to just import the whole batch in one pile and then sift through 250 clips with names like M90-1437.proxy.mov!


      This is completely unacceptable and mind boggling. You guys have done an amazing job of streamlining so many complicated things, yet somehow taken something that should be really simple and made it agonizingly complicated. I should be able to import everything with a couple of clicks of the mouse. Instead, I will be spending the rest of my evening importing my media instead of editing. People have deadlines! Please fix this!


      I know for certain that I am not the only person who strongly desires this feature. I have already submitted this complaint as a feature request, but other people need to submit it as well. If enough people request this, Adobe is more likely to notice.