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    Buttons don't work: InDesign CS& interactive PDF


      Hi, i'm creating an interactive PDF book in InDesign CS6, it's a simple plain text + images book


      I added some buttons on the first page that work as a table of contents (each button redirects you to a diferent page).


      And one at the bottom of the master page I'm using (so you can see it on every page of the document) that sends you back to that table of contents.


      They are simple objects converted to buttons, with the option "go to destination" active and with a certain Hyperlink Destination asigned each.


      The first time I exported the document they all worked perfectly, but then after I made some minor changes to the document and exported it again, they didn't work. The curious thing is that I have 2 more buttons at both sides of the page that have the "Go to next/previous page" that ARE working. So my guess is that it has something to do with the Destination option or the destinations themselves.


      Here I explain how I did it:


      1. Went to the page I wanted the destination.

      2. Click on the Hyperlinks menu then "New Hyperlink Destination"

      3. Added its name and clicked OK.

      - Did the same with every page I wanted in my index -

      4. Went to the page designed to the table of contents.

      5. Created a text box with the Type Tool.

      6. Converted it to a button in the Buttons and Forms panel.

      7. Added a "Go to Destination" action to it.

      8. Selected its respective Hyperlink Destination i made before.

      - Did the same with every other button of the table of contents and that one at the bottom of the page that takes you to it -

      9. Exported the document as an (Interactive) PDF.


      And that's it. The 2 buttons that have the "Go to Next/Previous page" action work, but the ones that have the "Go to Destination" action don't. There are no layers, there are no other objects stacking over them nor behind, just the buttons against the background.


      I tried with Bookmarks instead of Hyperlink Destinations, but didn't work.

      I tried making them Hyperlinks directly with the Right Click menu then, Interactive option, then "New Hyperlink" and selecting the page I wanted them to go, but hey didn't work either.


      And to make a classic table of contents from the Layout menu, wouldn't make much difference because I still have that one button that takes you to that page where I have my table of contents, and it will be still not working.


      Can anyone help me? Has anyone had the same problem?

      Thank you!