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    Breeze Presentation to DVD

      Any ideas on how to get a Breeze presentation into the right format (MPEG2?) to play on a TV/DVD player? No need for a menu or interaction -- just straight linear video. This is something the client requested, for better or for worse!

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          Have you found a satisfactory resolution to this problem?

          I'm looking for a similiar solution (a year and a half later).

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            Count me in too. Folks want to be able to view the presentations when there's no internet connection and only a portable DVD player. I suppose a person could hack a screen capture and drop that to a DVD, but a more direct approach would be better quality.
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              I was assured by Adobe tech support that the output of Presenter can be pulled into Premiere CS4. I took a quick look at this and it seems to work. The only issue I noticed is that the Master Slide seems to be separate, so I'd have to set up an overlay. I didn't actually try to produce a DVD so I can't comment on that process.

              If anyone is doing this, I'd appreciate hearing about it.