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    Why is AE Pro CC not exporting my lower thirds properly?


      Hello! I'm having a very strange issue today with AE Pro CC. Before I start in, let me explain a couple things:


      1. I have updated my Mac Pro to Mavericks; and

      2. I have downloaded and applied the patch that was released.


      I can open, edit, and export my files just like pre-Mavericks; however, when I go to import them into Premiere via Import, I get an import error:


      "The importer encountered a generic error."


      Oddly, when I look at the exported files in Finder (which, by the way, do not throw an error during the export process -- I have clean logs), I don't have a preview thumbnail like I did before. Now, it's a placeholder Quicktime logo. Hitting space bar to preview them only offers the information window, which show "Zero KB" as the file size... but in Finder, it clearly shows the correct file size.


      Opening the files in Quicktime gives me a "converting" message before opening (these are .MOV files that shouldn't need converting at all), and exporting them from QT won't allow for an Alpha channel, ruining the transparency of the lower third.


      Anybody have a clue what's happening here, or having the same issue? It seems there's some new problem with Mavericks, or QT, or After Effects rendering out in RGB+Alpha .MOV ~


      Thanks for the help.