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    CS6 - Cloning image (from Illustrator) and automatically updating when changed

    shawninvancouver Level 2

      My title is likely inaccurate so hopefully my explanation will help you to understand my query.


      I have created a box design in Illustrator and then dragged it into InDesign. From InDesign, I am making multiple copies of this box and then lengthening this box to various sizes, using the Direct Selection Tool in order to preserve shape. But now I am considering making a change to the box shape. I know the way I did this means that any change will require each copy of this box to be manually updated.


      Is there a way to bring an Illustrator image into InDesign, clone it, transform them and then instantly update them if the design changes? I just want to be able to do the same as what I can do with bitmap images Placed in a Frame.


      Just curious... thank you