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    Pan and Scan HD footage in SD timeline.


      I'd like to know how the quality holds up when panning and scanning an HD clip in an SD timeline. Has anyone tried this? I've tested it with the video from a point n shoot still camera. What's wierd is if I do this in an SD timeline then export the outcome, it looks worse than taking the HD footage and exporting it out to SD.

      Since I can't find anyone across the internet that's done this I'll explain myself:

      I'm shooting many projects that are just standard def wide screen 720x480 anamorphic final products. However, I'm getting a new HD camera and I'd like to shoot the raw video in HD. I'll down convert most from HD to SD before importing into Premiere. However, I'd like to put some of the HD clips in (full size) the SD timeline,  scale them down to about 46% to fit the SD size but have the option to scale it back up to maybe zoom in on an interview subject that was  shot  as a medium shot to re-compose  (via slow zoom) to a close up. Like having a very hi rez still taken from a high megapixel camera. Bring this into Premiere and it's huge. Which means I get to zoom in very tight to things in this picture. Has anyone done this sort of thing? If so, what's the best way to retain the quality. Not Hi Def quality but just better quality than I'm getting after export.