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    After Effects CC, Mavericks and Video with Alpha layer


      After installing mavericks I can't import video's with Alpha (animation codec) into AE,  it says the file is damaged or unsupported. These files worked fine before or are even created and freshly exported from AE. When I try to open them in Quicktime it tell me it's "converting" them. The files open fine in QT7. Does somebody know how to fix this issue?

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          I had the same problem on a project we are working on.


          Solution (time consuming if you have a lot of alphas to work with) - Right click on the alpha file in finder and open with > Quicktime Player (i have Version 10.3 (727.1))


          The file is automatically converted


          Then once it has opened, just save the file again. It keeps the alpha data within the file.


          Maybe the best way to replace files with the same name, is to move the current files from there exisitng location, put them in a new folder. Then when you open each file in quicktime and save, remove the [converted] from the file name and save it in the original location (this should then all reconnect back into your projects)


          Not ideal but its working fro me right now.