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    Can I delete local files?


      I have uploaded a test set of photos to revel using Elements 12 Organizer.  In the file info, they are listed as still in their original locations.  Can I delete them, and will it automatically download the originals as I need them?



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          Pattie F Employee Moderator

          are you referring to the backup files in a mac using the keep originals option or mobile albums in Elements/Revel. If you delete something from a mobile album, it removes it both in the organizer and revel. If you want it only in the organizer, you can drag it out of mobile albumsf back to the local category and it will delete it from revel only.


          Does that help?



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            arolson101 Level 1

            I want the opposite- I want the pictures to be stored in revel but not on hard drive (well, cached stuff is fine, just not all the masters).

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              Pattie F Employee Moderator

              Any album that is in the mobile albums in the elements organizer will be in both.  If you delete an item in mobile albums, then it will go a way from both the elements organizer and revel. Since you only want to put the photos in revel, you can certainly go to adoberevel.com from a browser and upload any files directly to revel  and not have them in mobile albums. In that case, if you delete them from the computer, it will not delete them from revel.