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    Adobe Reader XI Won't Stay Open


      I have Windows 7, use avast! antivirus, and explorer.  Computer hard drive had to be replaced recently by Dell.  When I got it back, I installed Reader right away.  At first, it gave me the same problems I have now - but eventually a file I tried to load asked for permission and I was able to tell it to always allow Reader to load.  After that, the PDF's loaded fine.  Then there was an update and ever since, it doesn't work.  If I simply try to load Reader - it will open for a few seconds, then close without any error messages.  If I try to open any PDF files online, it acts like it's trying to load them but never does.  Again, no error messages.  I have tried loading lots of different PDF files, but never been asked for permission again.  I have tried using the Adobe tool to remove all old versions and reinstall.  I have tried registry keys given in other discussions.  I have run several malware programs.  I am at a total loss at this point.  And I *really* need my Reader, as I have tons of files that are PDF (like my taxes).  Thanks SO much for any help you can give!