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    Adobe ID old email address


      I got a new iPad and downloaded the reader app for my Sony Ereader. It asks me to login to Adobe but the email address we originally used to set this up is no longer valid. I have tried every combination I can think of.


      Is there any way to change the email address to my current one??


      I cannot reset the password as I can't retrieve the email sent to that non existent email address. 


      Any help would be greatly appreciated

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          sjpt Level 4

          If you have forgotten the password and don't have access to the email any more, try Adobe Live Chat: http://www.adobe.com/support/chat/ivrchat.html


          If you don't have any DRM books that are associated with your old ID, just forget the ID and set yourself up a new one.

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            karel2h76319242 Level 1

            I have a similar issue (the same, as far as I can see). It seems it needs to be corrected on an individual level, but the chat didn't accept my call, because i am not a paying customer. I have many (100 +)  epub's on this account. Please help!

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              I just got off live chat with some jerk who refused to help me with this very same problem.  He's got my Adobe Digital Editions registered to an old and unavailable email address, even though the authorization shown in the program itself relates to my correct email address. BUT, it won't erase.  The live chat guy blew me off because I'm using the free version (and why not?  I'm trying to use it to read a book I'm borrowing -- free -- from my public library. 

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                karel2h76319242 Level 1

                I have many 100s € in e-books invested which i cannot read, unless I use reader on my macbook, since the authorization is still in memory. synchronization to my Sony e-reader fails. I can synchronize using a windows 10 laptop, but i can't authorize reader on that laptop, since i can't use my account. I checked that using another account. I was ordered to change my password (probably since i haven't logged in during the last years) and the 'change password email' is sent to my obsolete e-mail address. check mate!! Unless someone from Adobe changes some settings on my account. I found some similar issues being solved by Adobe personal, but I fail to get their attention. The chat failed, since my support agent was convinced i was using a free version of some program I didn't know I used. Please, please, please help me!

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                  same problem here. i have over 3000 books and cant read half of them because of a old email address. support chat was very rude, they told me if i was a paying customer they could help me.

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                    It's the same with me. Temporarily on my old laptop and wanting to read e-books from the local library in my town. The email adress is obsolete. But the chat support was not helping me. Only giving 2 links about de-authorisation. Tried all the steps, but that didn't work.

                    So what to do now?

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                      franniewee Level 1

                      That doesn't work at all. Tried it all. Chat is only pointing to the fora, just to get you of their backs.