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    Keyboard Command Missing

    Mitchell39 Level 1

      I am running InDesign Creative Cloud and have become very frustrated with the fact that when I am working in the application and you want to range text left you cannot do it directly on keyboard (Command / Shift / L) but you can range right (Command / Shift / R) and centre (Command / Shift / C), has anyone encountered this and if so how can I rectify it

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          Mitchell39 Level 1

          Just discovered what to do


          Here it is for everyone in Adobe Forum world


          Open your System Preferences by going to Apple menu > System Preferences and then clicking the Keyboard icon.


          This opens the Keyboard Preferences area. Click the tab for Keyboard Shortcuts and then click Services.


          Finally, scroll down for the Search With Google section under Searching. You’ll see that Cmd-Shift-L has been assigned to that command and is interfering with InDesign’s Align Left command.


          Click to highlight the offending keystroke.


          That’s it! You’ve just brought Cmd-Shift-L back into the InDesign family of shortcuts.