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    Premiere Pro CC and Canon Log

    cykopat Level 1

      I appear to have a very unique issue which Canon can't understand why it's happening. Their suggestion is Adobe is doing something to the clips. However, the Avid treats them the same.


      In the example I shot a clip in Log. Using XF Utility I can view the clip and use the LUT Assist button to see the original Log and then see it with the Canon LUT. This is as expected. However, when I export/merge the MXF's or even if I import directly into Premiere from the Card bypassing the XF Utility the clips come in saturated as if there is an "Auto-Lut" being applied.


      Anyone experience this issue. I've only noticed it on the C300. I can bring 1DC Clog files in and as expected they are log. It's not the camera either as I have tried 2 of our 4 C300's.




      Also Speedgrade treats the clips the same as Premiere and the Avid treats it the same. Could it be a combo of recording settings? For example in this case it was the EOS Std. Matrix in a Canon Log Gamma.