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    Changing an image inside a nested symbol dynamically on click




      I'm pulling my hair out with this. I want to have a symbol that when clicked I want it to change an image in a seperate nested symbol to a different one within the local images folder.


      I found something that suggested this would work:




      but even if the symbol isn't nested it still doesn't work.


      stage/pie_img2 is one version of the symbol that i tried to at least get it working locally.


      stage/righ_txt/pie_img is the real one i want to change.


      I also tried getting rid of the lookupSelector and getting the reference of its location adn passing int into a var to help me. Which didn't


      var pie = sym.getSymbol("righ_txt").$("pie_img");




      Please help if you can I'm having a bad day trying to work this out and its Friday not a good day to have a bad day...