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    Accessible pdf passes all tests but won't read beyond first page


      I've spent a morning setting the inDesign document up correctly, then once in Acrobat I set everything up right – all tags are in order, everything is present and correct as per the zillion other documents I have successfully set up. It passes all the accessibility tests as per usual (logical reading order and color contrast aside).


      However, the document will only read the title on the first page and nothing else. Not even individual pages. If I click on a line of copy, it will be read out but there is just a deafening silence when I try to read to the end of the document or each page.


      I have no idea why this is happening. I've gone through everything I think it could be. I have tried both Acrobat and Reader on three machines now. All have the same problem.


      Please help me, I'm going mad!