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    Pulling data from a CSV file? (POSSIBLE?)


      Hello Everyone,

      I been playing around with javascript to try and create something but im not exactly familiar with it, or entirely sure what i want is possible. i know other codes (such as c++) but ive kinda been guessing with javascript.

      Basically what i want to create is a javascript that will read a csv file and then you can pull specific data from it.

      - for example, you want to be able to put in the sku of an item in one box like "X940" and have it populate the price in a corresponding text box (like "4.50"). and you would want to have multiple sets of these on the form and you are using adobe acrobat pro.


      i have literally been trying a ton of different things, even on different forums and i just cant seem to get it right, or all the way through.

      Is there anyone that can help me out? maybe a little set by step? I cant figure it out and it is frustrating me like crazy, and would make my job tons easier if this is possible!

      please and THANK YOU!!