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    How to keep Adobe Flash Player installed?



      I'll try to get to the point right away hoping some of you can share my experience and  find a way out of this problem: My computer is a Windows 7, my browser Mozilla Firefox, I use Opera as well.
      I used to have Adobe Flash Player installed on my Windows 7 for a long time, it worked well,  but it seems something has changed lately: I promise I do follow every single instruction given by Adobe, checking if my PC is right, if my anti-virus allows the installation etc... Every time my download works well, seems to be installed, but when I want to use it (I do need it desperately for my work, I work in arts), it seems to crash or simply doesn't exist anymore. I must install it again, sometimes 5 times a day.
      I'm logged in with Creative Cloud, I have my Adobe ID, I can check if I do have the right version (I can see the clouds pass by above the tree etc...) or I'm told with a bouncing red cube that Adobe Flash Player 11 is installed on my computer.
      I've tried to activate my version as I read this somewhere, but how?
      I do have Shockwave Flash plugin from Mozilla Firefox, is something wrong with that perhaps?
      For a whole week Mozilla Firefox stopped responding and I had to initiate it again three times.
      I'm simply lost and what's more important, I'm losing a lot of time.
      My computer suffers from the permanent downloading and browser troubles.
      Is there anyone who went through the same kind of experience and would be kind enough to exchange it with me?
      My sincere thanks to you all for the time you're taking to give me some enlightening tips!
      Kindest regards,
      Gabs17   thanks!

      PS. Could the reason for my problems be the fact that I haven't bought any Adobe product lately?