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    iOS7 xcode5 Edge Animations won´t show on iPad




      i´ve just updated my development ipad and xcode to ios7 and xcode 5.


      The app i´m developing uses webviews to display content – which includes images and edge animations –

      embedded in one html-file using iscroll.js to swipe through (one page ould be an image, the next a Edge Animation,

      separated in <li>-elements).


      The Edge-Animations won´t show up, its just a blank page. However the iOS-Simulator shows everything correctly

      but on the ipad the Animations just won´t show. Is this a known issue?



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          sarhunt Adobe Employee

          Hey there,


          Few things:


          • Does your script work as expected in the webview without the embedded Animate content?
          • Does the Animate content work as expected in isolation in the webview?


          Reducing the test case can help isolate the issue to pinpoint where the problem lies (webview, the script, Animate, other) any other approaches you've tried?


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            iwantfreehandback Level 1

            Hi there,


            i´ve been on vacation – sorry for the late reply. The problem is solved, well partially.


            I´ve had an error in the export-settings, which turned out not to be the problem after all, but first this:


            Bildschirmfoto 2013-11-04 um 11.00.11.png


            Sorry, its the german Version. I´ve had the Framework via CDN-Option activated, which obviously could not work

            if your ipad has no wireless-connection at all. You could image my embarrasement, once i´ve figured that out


            But, after exporting all the animations again, this time with the right settings, it still didn´t work. I solved i with

            a little trick – i´ve inserted a SIM-Card, the ipad loaded the framework and then it still worked after removing

            the card again. I don´t know how the caching within an App works, but i´m a little bit confused by the fact, that

            it didn´t work without the SIM-Card after replacing every Animation. But i´m confident that it will work out

            somehow later in this week, i keep you posted.





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              Kat Gaddis 1256

              keep me posted. I also having problems with my animations not working in iBooks on the iPad. Would love to hear how you make out