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    Extentions won't load in PS CC


      I am running Photoshop from a creative cloud subscription on Os X, and when I load Photoshop, my extention panels won't load, and if I click on them to maximize them, I get the error 'Cannot complete command because the extention could not be loaded.'


      Also, 'Save to Web' and many of the import/export options are greyed out.

      Adobe Extention Manager loads just fine, and shows plugins and extentions for all programs except photoshop


      Photoshop is V.14.1.1 x64

      Extention manager is v 7.10.113

      OS X is v 10.9 , had the same problem before updating from 10.8


      Also, I cannot update Photoshop via the Creative Cloud app- it shows PS as an update item all the time, but when I update and reach 100%, it says in red, 'update failed'. It gives the error code U44M1P7


      If anyone can point me to a fix, it'd be much appreciated!