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    Buttons have ceased to respond on Adobe Presenter 9


      Having previously worked fine one of my colleagues is experiencing an issue with Presenter 9. He is using PowerPoint 2010. The buttons are showing on the ribbon but when selected nothing happens. For example he will click on the manage button on the quiz tab. Then nothing will happen. What is the problem? I have un and re-installed the programme and the problem remains.



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          flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          I have this problem with Presenter 8 and PPT 07 periodically. He just needs to close PPT, and let it end all it's tasks on the computer (may require using task manager to find any PPT functions running). Then relaunch the presentation and the buttons should work. I'm not sure what causes the problem, but that seems to fix it for me.

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            I also have had this issue -- in my case I would click on a button on the Presenter ribbon upon starting up PPT and it would freeze.  I eventually learned that if I waited 5 minutes it would respond.  It was trying to send some communication in the background, to the Adobe servers I guess?  And after 5 mins it would finally time out.  I was on PPT 2013 and I fixed it by going back to PPT 2010.  So that might not help but I wanted to let you know in case your colleague never waited out the full 5 mins for it to return.  Once it got past that initial startup issue I never had problems with the buttons being unresponsive - until I would reopen PPT.