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    After Effects not using free RAM?


      Hi there


      Just like to ask question regarding after effects and ram usage.


      I remember before I installed the app Memory Booster - that allows you to keep track of how much ram, there was a healthy use of RAM there from after effects.


      But i noticed today, whilst rendering and doing background cache rendering, the free RAM still available stays at around 4GB and I am wondering why it's not using this free RAM to help faster rendering?



      this is my current multi-processing/ram settings on AE- essentially it should be using up to 6.5 GB of RAM as i allocated as I need faster rendering? Just wondering why it's staying stuck at around 3-4GB of free RAM on my system when it could clearly be used by AE. I want AE to use the RAM as it is the only running program on my system when i work!Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 14.56.01.png

      Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 15.02.33.png

      Memory Booster down to 3.18GB with one safari tab open for Adobe forums, when exiting, it jumps back up to 4GB free RAM