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    PDF with high quality and low size

    Mads Lørup

      First post in here


      Ive searched the first 6 or 7 sites in here for similiar discussion with no luck, so i hope it's ok i ask here.


      Im working on a app with Donald Duck cartoons, and the problem is that the pdf's we have from magazines are way to big in size to load in descent time for an app. The quality of course have to be high when in the app as many of the viewers have retina screens.


      I have tried with different lesser programs as PDF Squeezer, PDFoptim, EXSqueeze IT and PDFShrink, which of course all do pretty much the same, and the result are good, way smaller files and still good quality. But the color is messed up a bit, not very notisible but enough to be annoying when you know.


      My question is, is there someway to control this already when making the pdf from indesign, making small but beautifull PDF's or is there someway to control it maybe from Bridge or Acrobat?


      Or maybe there is a fourth program to use for these things?


      Hope someone can help