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    "sym not defined" error in js file loaded with yepnope


      Dear folks

      I'm working on an Edge project that consists of 8 consecutive interactions (multiple-choice questions). Each question is inside an Edge symbol also containing the necessary JavaScript code. The codes in these symbols are mostly the same, only the variables containing the correct answers are differring. So I decided to take these common codes out of the symbols, paste them in one *.js file, and then include this js file into the question symbols using yepnope.

      But when I try this, I'm getting an "Uncaught ReferenceError: sym is not defined" error on the line that says: "sym.getSymbol("feedback_mc").hide()";

      Isn't it possible to use Edge keywords and methods like "sym" and "getSymbol()" inside included JavaScript files?
      Or is there a simple vay to define them, or to substitute them?

      Any answers will be appreciated

      Thanks in advance

      Kemal Comlekci