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    Edited video is exporting blurry as matched source, but looks great in the monitor before export?


      I've pulled in 5 videos and clippled them up to create a 50 second reel showing short segments of each. The video is for an HTML 5 embed on a website so it's at an odd size (235x162).


      Everything looks great when viewing the editable composition within Premiere (and I've tried this in After Effects as well), but when I go to export the video ends up blurry no matter if I match the source or fiddle with the settings.


      I'm guessing something is going on due to sourcing from multiple video files that are in different wrappers and codecs? If so, why would I be able to edit so cleanly (and render in program), but cannot export at the same quality??


      • If it's the codec issue, what's the best format to convert all of these to if it's exporting to an HTML 5 video (if that last part even matters)?
      • Does anyone have experience with the best settings for exporting .mp4 h.264 for web use? I want to get this thing small in file size, but still good quality.




      Here's a rundown of the imported videos I've been clipping up assuming its an issue with one of them (audio does not matter, we're not exporting it):

      1. MPEG4, AVC, Variable rate, Progressive
      2. Quicktime MPEG-4, AVC,  Progressive
      3. Quicktime MPEG-4, AVC, Progressive
      4. MPEG-4, AVC, Variable rate, Progressive
      5. Quicktime MPEG-4, Sorenson 3, Not progressive but I'm not seeing what it is





      Thank you!