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    32 bit HDR panorama .tiff editable in Camera Raw???


      I recently did a photoshoot with a car. It was the first time that I planned to professionally use 32 bit HDR merging. I shot 4 exposures of the front of the car from the side, and shot another 4 at the same brackets of the back of the car while mounted on the tripod.


      Here's exactly what I'm trying to do;

      1. Take 2 different 32 bit TIFFs
      2. Align them to be a panorama
      3. Export to a single, true 32 bit TIFF
      4. Adjust & tone that 32 bit panorama TIFF in Camera Raw



      I've worked with panoramas plenty of times, but when I take the 32 bit TIFF files into photoshop, I pass through CR without doing anything. Once the TIFFs are in PS, they are converted to an 8 bit mode automatically.

      I also tried to take those 8 bit TIFFs, auto-align, switch back to 32 bit mode, and then export as a 32 bit TIFF. I then took the panorama 32 bit TIFF into Camera Raw, but obviously, the damage had already been done and it was not true 32 bit.


      Can anyone please help me?