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    Premiere Pro CC - Render Problems


      I'm having some trouble using Premiere Pro Creative Cloud. I edited videos using CS6 and CC with the same sequence settings, font settings, and export settings (i.e. YouTube SD widescreen 29.97 preset), and exported with Media Encoder. But the quality of the CC video is much worse then the CS6 video. See attached for my screenshots of my settings. Please help me figure out the Creative Cloud problems. Thanks so much.


      CC font settings:



      CS6 font settings:


      CC sequence settings:

      Sequence Setting CC.png

      CS6 sequence settings:

      Sequence Setting CS6.png


      CS6 export settings:


      CS6 export setting.png


      CC export settings:


      CC export setting.png


      Here's the CC render (bad quality):



      Here's the CS6 render (better quality):




      If our sequence, font, and render settings in both CS6 and CC are the same, why do we get different results in terms of the quality of the renders?