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    Flash Player pops up on every website I search using Explorer


      About a week ago, every time I opened Explorer, a box appeared from Internet Explorer Security stating "a website wants to open web content using this program (Adobe Flash Player), on your computer.  Allow or Not Allow".  Doesn't matter if I allow, not allow or just click on the red X to close out, the box continues to reappear.


      I have uninstalled all Adobe programs and reinstalled them after disabling my Antivirus and Firewall settings.  After installations were complete I enabled my settings again and ran a scan on the new programs.  This did not solve the problems as said box continues to reappear.  I have also had Adobe Shockwave Player do the same thing.  I also attempted to restore to an earlier time of 2 weeks before this problem started but my computer would not allow me to restore back to that point.  I am also not able to download videos using my realplayer or windows media player, which I 'assume' requires the Adobe features.  Can you please help?   Thank you.