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    Shape/Path - transform/convert -bug?

    FauxtoGuy Level 1

      I have noticed a few subtle UI changes in PShop CC -some of which seem like bugs. Here's one:


      When I apply "transform" to a newly created Elipse path (which has been pre-specified as a path), I get this prompt:


      "This operation will turn a live shape into a regular path. Continue?"


      But the elipse I have created is NOT a shape. The Path option has alrady been selected. Yes, this is a very minor quibble, but as a former beta (and alpha) tester, I tend to be compulsively thorough! OTOH, perhaps there is a user error on my part. I did double check that new paths created with elipse tool are spec'd as "paths".



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          Chuck Uebele Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          There are some issues with the new shapes.  I'm not 100% sure on this but they now have "Live shapes" where you can set some of the shape/path properties like how rounded the curves are on a rounded rectangle.  So I guess the elipse also has some "Live" properties.  However, once you transform the shape/path, you lose the ability to edit those properties and the shape/path becomes a regualar shape/path.  I suppose it would be good for them to specify in the alert what exactly on what you working - path or shape.