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    Hyperlinks for ePub

    TL Price Level 1

      Hi Adobe forum,


      I have a very long document with thousands of hyperlinks and email address. Almost all of which don't start with http://. When I convert them automatically, it doesn't add the http:// and I have to do it manually which is very time consuming. When I export the document to ePub I get errors for every single hyperlink. Does someone have a good fix for this?



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          Kasyan Servetsky Level 5

          If my memory serves me right, the InDesign’s “Convert URLs to hyperlinks” feature creates “shared” hyperlinks. That’s why they don’t work after exporting to ePub. I wrote a number of scripts for this task. Last year I was working on a big project on “converting” old printed books to ePub & HTML format.

          Here is a script that may come in handy to you. Check out also the hyperlink section on this page.

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            TL Price Level 1

            Oh my god! That is absolutely Awesome. Thank you so much for forwarding it along. I am so happy.  I spent a good portion of yesterday looking for this, it is going to save me so much time in the future.

            Thank you again,