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    Filter Gallery


      The filter gallery in Photoshop CC has suddenly stopped working.. I am using the 8 bit channel.

      None of the filters will apply to the image, but they are not greyed out, just won't change the image..

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          fr4nk13xx Level 3

          Did you close down CC? I found that happens to me in raw sometimes. I have been finding more and more cs6 and CC less 32bit friendly. Always getting out of ram errors. Almost like theres a leak in it.


          Assuming of course you are in the right mode for filters to be applied.  Not to say you are, but an often noobie mistake, stuff isnt working, you arent in the right mode to do it. I was helping someone yesterday and he couldnt get b/w adjustment layer to work, he was in CYMK

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            pamela027 Level 1

            HI   fr4nk13xx


            Yes, I did all of that you mentioned.. and it was helpful, but there is still a disconnect with the filters and I will figure

            it out..

            thank you though..