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    4k Pro Res crop/resize causing crash and corrupt recovery save




      I am working on an edit of F55 XAVC 4k footage that has been turned into pro res 422 files for an offline edit.


      The edit calls for a lot of split screen work, and when I resize or use the crop effect, put another layer underneath, and then try to move either layer forward or backward in the timeline, premiere always crashes. I could deal with this, but unfortunately premiere saves the project upon crashing, and when I open it again, it launches into the recovery file, which has the bug still present, which immediately causes premiere to crash.


      Is there a way to turn off this recovery or auto save on crash feature? I just wish to open the file from the last point I manually saved it, but seem unable to do so.


      Also, I have auto save set to save every three minutes but it does not save. Not sure why!


      Any help appreciated.


      Burning time in Boston,