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    When will ADE scale images?


      My books are technical with many diagrams, so if in ePub format they are best suited to larger screen eReaders while reading on a PC would also need to be an option.


      On ADE the images are only ever one size no matter what the window size, many of the larger diagrams (equivalent to a diagram over one page of A4) get cut off at the bottom, and there is no scrolling, while a page turn assumes the graphic is finished and goes to another page, the bottom of the graphic never to be seen. These books have been available and selling on Kindle for a year now, while I have delayed publishing as ePubs for 2 years. Technical books consist of either 6% or over 20% of the market, not sure which but I'd have thought 6% large enough to be bothered about.


      The update from ADE 1.8 to 2.0 improved image quality but the not the above, might there be any more updates and one that would solve this issue?